So what is this site about? 

Around the middle of 2018, my brother and I were introduced to some “different” financial concepts that in lack of better terms…BLEW OUR MINDS! After reading many financial websites, listening to philosophical perspectives and trying to learn the intricate world of personal finance (which neither of us have had traditional training in). 

We had many early mornings and late nights, where we sat there discussing what our interpretation was on the information we heard and read. That is where we realized, there is so much broad conceptual information floating around and as we started to carry out the actionable tips (investing in 401k, 403b, stocks, credit card utilization) that we learned from all the information available…was that, it was harder than we thought. I started thinking to myself as I continued to looked puzzled at computer screen, I wish I could ask more specific questions as I am doing this. That is where We both decided to document our journey to our end goal “Financial Independence,” keeping in mind that this term means different things to different people. 

As with most things in life when we try to do everything at once, we tend to fail, simply due to the fact that it becomes overwhelming. Then we started thinking, well what if we only do this ONE step this week and take the small win instead? And that is where this all began, our purpose for any post is to document the small wins that we’ve been able to accomplish in a step by step process to hopefully help others who come across similar questions as you guys try to improve your personal financial picture as well. 

We hope you guys and gals, find our posts helpful and go on this journey with us! 

Please give us feedback/comments, as they are a great way for all of us to learn!

Thanks for following along!

Mr. 9-5 & Mr. Bzness