Southwest Companion Pass

It’s now mid December and the saga for the Southwest Companion Pass is well underway!!! Hoping for more small wins!

So, update on my progress so far:

  • I was approved for the Southwest Rapid Rewards Credit Card
  • I am close to the $1000 spend requirement for the card to receive the 40,000 bonus points
    • FYI…I had to stop the spending on it for 2 weeks to make sure the bonus points wouldn’t be awarded in the 2018 fiscal year. (Remember that the accumulation of the 110,000 points must be awarded in the same year, so in my case 2019)

One of the new challenge with obtaining the companion pass now is that, they’ve created a rule that won’t allow one person to have 2 personal Southwest credit cards. Which means, the only other option is to open the Southwest Premier Business Card. 

I tried to open the business card in early November of 2018, but was denied because I couldn’t show proof of owning a business (some of the accepted documentation was mentioned in the previous post). So, I had to go find proof, even if I already had a business. So it seemed that I needed to legitimize the things I was doing for my business in order to get approved for this card. The route I chose was to apply for a Sole Proprietorship with my county tax office, this costed me $20 and would probably help me in the long run anyways. I’ve posted the fee schedule for different applications just to help everyone visualize how inexpensive, legitimizing a home business can be.

I did not enjoy having my application denied last time so I wanted to make improve my chances even more than just having a sole proprietorship paperwork (I really hate getting denied). So, I went ahead and applied for a business tax ID [EIN] with the IRS, through the IRS website. This is actually an even easier process. If you apply for it online you will get your EIN number immediately. 

I think I’ve done all I can and let’s see how this goes. I went ahead and applied for the card again today and received a reply that they will need to review further. Worst case scenario I will at least get the bonus points from the personal card. -_- 

ChooseFI, is a great resource and one of their recent podcast essentially goes over all of this at a little higher level. If you haven’t listened to it, you should definitely check it out. 

104R | Travel Rewards | End of Year Planning

Let’s hope I can report soon that this will be another small win!!

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