Credit Card Hack 2.0

**Another small win**

Previously we went over a scenario I had and how to actually use the reward points people discuss about. 

Today, I wanted to expand a little bit on a couple of more little “hacks” that we all can do to fully take advantage of the offers and points available to us. One thing I actually learned while trying to help others with credit card hacking is that we can all benefit from this, by using referral codes. If someone we know is going to start trying to benefit from credit card rewards why not get referral points?

Currently Chase has a wide variety of options. Some are shown below.

Depending on the time of the year and what promotion they may have going on, the referral points may differ. I was able to receive points from a referral pretty easily. 

  1. Choose the card you currently have and click on the “Invite friends now”
  2. Then it take you to a page to fill out:
    • Last Name
    • Zip Code
    • Last 4 digits on your card

3.  Then the site will provide you with a referral link that can’t be sent to anyone or you can decide to email it out to anyone you know. *Note – the email options takes awhile for the recipient to receive it. I personally don’t like that option. 

If you are finding this helpful so far and don’t have a current friend or family member to give them the referral bonus in opening a chase credit card. In this example, the Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card. If you don’t mind I would love to get a couple of referral bonuses on this Southwest credit card as I am trying to obtain the Southwest Companion Pass.  (Note: I will update/remove my referral link above when I have maxed out my bonus for the year.)

Then Bam!!! After someone uses your referral link and gets approved for the card you will be awarded the bonus points for that time period. I currently still need to follow up on 1 referral bonus that I have out, for the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card to make sure I do get the points and how long it takes and will keep everyone updated! (Chase website does mention it may take up to 8 weeks)

So, I mentioned something previously in this post…that my goal in this next couple of months is to obtain a Southwest Companion Pass, I will go more in detail that benefit and how I plan to obtain this next week 🙂 

I hope you have found some use of this quick and easy hack! Another small win! 

Again please leave any feedback/comments for this post or anything else you would like to see more of. Thanks for reading! 

Mr. 9-5 & Mr. Bzness

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